Rapid Product Development

We’ve always been pretty good at producing high quality software quickly, but things took on a new dimension this week, when we put together an entire product in under a week! When I talk about a “product”, I don’t just mean the software, I mean building awareness, enabling prospects to sign up and download the software, providing online support and updates and building a fulfilment mechanism to deal with their enquiries.

FreeSunRoomDesign.com has been developed to enable US sunroom purchasers to visualize their dream sunroom in 3D, against photographs of their house and backyard.

We’d actually been talking about doing something like this for some time, but it was only on Monday that we finally put pen to paper and sketched out the business model in full. Essentially the process works as follows:-

A potential customer sees mention of “free sunroom design software” in a publication (this will be done through press releases), or hears about it from a friend or the local media. 

They then search for “free sunroom design” on the internet, and find a relevant link.

Rather going through the details step-by-step, just try it and see how several pices of technology have been put together.

The application was written in a few days, but using libraries we have spent years developing!

The end result for the customer is a quality 3D print of their sunroom. At the end of the process they are given the option of requesting further details from Planright Software – we will then out them in touch with a local dealer who will be able to advise them further with the full benefit of our professional PlanRight Design package.


About Dave

I'm Dave Blakeman and I'm founder and CEO of RPS Limited in the UK, developers of RoofWright, the world's favourite conservatory sales software. We have a joint venture (Planright Software Inc) in Michigan, US. We apply the techniques of Rapid Prototyping to software. Other interests include radical redesign of existing artifacts, marketing and education.
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